Sweet Little Bloodhound, an American Soulful Rock band, lead by singer-songwriter Devlin Miles, is based in the Northeast USA. They are reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac, as they alternate lead vocals. Miles rocks the guitar and sings along with co-writers Shanelle Jenkins who plays trumpet and sings and Olivia Martinez on violin and vocals. Harmony, Soulful, and Fun describe SLB to a tee, alike bands might be The Heavy, Little Big Town, Marcus King Band, and they bring in the vintage vibes of The Zombies, Sly and the Family Stone. Country, Rock, and Soul fans will not be disappointed with Sweet Little Bloodhound. When the SLB ladies hit the road they are joined by a fabulous roster of musicians, ranging from 5-9 piece band, depending on the show.

SLB also invites you on the road with them in their podcast, “SLB Indie Trailer,” available Spotify, Apple, Amazon, etc. Head on tour, in-the-studio, and on-the-air, as they navigate through the music industry. A respected group of Grammy members and professional working musicians, that come from different musical backgrounds, influences include Brandi Carlile, Grace Potter, Tina Turner, Annie Lenox, and many more. They are known for their on-and-off stage antics.





SLB takes you on-the-road and behind-the-scenes as they tour up and down the east coast. Enjoy the laughs and music as they nearly cut off a police officer and try to sweet talk him with a cd, go on-the-air in between commercial breaks as Devlin tries to interview the radio hosts, also listen as Devlin Miles interviews interesting people from within the entertainment industry and beyond. “SLB Indie Trailer” includes live performances, green room antics, SLB visiting the communities they play, and interviews with other indie artists and their journeys through the music industry. Be a part of Sweet Little Bloodhound’s adventures in this long form podcast, great for road trips, just remember to bring your gummy bears and keep things at a squirrel level.