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Sweet Little Bloodhound, a Soulful Rock band based in Brooklyn  
Sweet Little Bloodhound, a Soulful Rock band based in Brooklyn, always delivers a great time, driven by 3 “Superhero Females,” as their song says, and backed by 4 fabulous gents.  Their live performance is not to be missed as they alternate lead vocals reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac with Tina Turner and Sugarland influences. Country, Rock, and Soul fans will not be disappointed with Sweet Little Bloodhound.  This dynamic band also invite you on the road with them in their podcast, “SLB Indie Trailer.”  Head on-tour, in-the-studio, and on-the-air, as SLB navigates thru the music industry.  Grammy members and professional working musicians of different musical backgrounds has lead them to this destination of Sweet Little Bloodhound.  SLB is known for their on and off stage antics as the fans are often invited to the after party and that is where the trouble begins, from playing a random set at Katz Deli to showing up unannouced at open mics around town.  They are looking for adventures and new experiences, so they welcome all inquiries.
Vocalist, songwriter, and guitarist Devlin Miles, rhythm specialist and drummer Jibrail Nor, classically trained violist, violinist, and vocalist Olivia Martinez, trumpet genius and vocalist Shanelle Jenkins, turbo bass booster Charles Butterfield II, and precision guitarist Ali Bishop, along side salsa influenced pianist Tony Espinoza, they have all found themselves on this journey together as Sweet Little Bloodhound.
Their dedication and commitment to their instruments can be heard on their debut release by the same name, “Sweet Little Bloodhound.” Their most recent successes include the placement of the song “Superhero Female,” which aired on the WNBA New York Liberty game. SLB is the Winner of “Best Country/Americana Album” by Akademia Music Awards and nominee for the WomenInCharg3 Radio Award for “Album of the Year.” Some of their various adventures include- Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, Heath Fair, WomenInCharg3 Radio, BoCoCa Arts Festival, MEANY Fest, and MusicFest, MA. Miles an accomplished songwriter placed 1st out of 536 bands to open for Bon Jovi with her song “This Guy”, which also won an honorary mention from Billboard World Song Contest.
 SLB are supporters of Musicians OnCall, MusicCares, City Critters, and American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

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