SLB Indie Trailer Season 2 Episode 2


SLB is excited to launch their SLB Indie Trailer podcast season 2 and in this second episode we continue the journey with the ladies to Floyd Fest, Virginia, where they attend their first music festival.  Host Devlin Miles and co-host Kim Nicholais walk you through Floyd Fest and meet fans, artists, and vendors a like to see how everyone is enjoying their musical adventure deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.  Download the episode and take it with you as you travel about your adventures.  Let’s hit the road together.

In this episode:

Floyd Fest

Brandi Carlile

Sweet Little Bloodhound

Devlin Miles

Kim Nicholais – Photographer

Nicky Bluhm and the Gramblers

Amish Baking Company

Crystal Bright and the Silver Hands

and great music and fun.

SLB Indie Trailer Podcast Launches with Season 2

SLB is excited to announce the launch of Season 2 of our “SLB Indie Trailer” podcast. Season 2 brings a lot of new changes for the show as stated in the intro real – Devlin Miles ‘learned a lot from Season 1 as host of Putnam’s Unplugged Music Series and she has decided to gas up for season 2.’  We decided to change the name of the show slightly to really encompass what we are up to – we changed it from “SLB In The Trailer” to “SLB Indie Trailer,” which covers all things indie in the entertainment industry.  We launch with a cool new logo for the show designed by photographer extraordinaire Kim Nicholais.

This season is kicked off with an RV trip to Floyd Fest, Virginia.  The goal of the show is to bring new music right to your door or ear for that matter.  We hope to inspire, engage, and laugh with our fans.  This season will run for approximately 14 episodes, released weekly on Wednesdays. We travel to Floyd Fest, Devlin introduces us to the full band mid-season as they hit the road on tour, and they take us to Broadway and in the studio.  This show is all things indie, mixed with great live and recorded music.


You can find the season on YouTube with pictures and some video along the journey or just listen to the podcast as you commute about your life at all the usual podcast places,

Libsyn, Itunes, Stitcher, Spreaker, SoundCloud

Please also let us know if you are experiencing difficulties with sound or audio quality as we spend hours trying to make it perfect.

Enjoy and share the show!

Much love from the road!


For show inquiries, sponsorship, submissions, or recommendations for the show please email
SLB at SweetLittleBloodhound dot com

The World’s Largest Piano Bar

When you grow up listening to Billy Joel as part of the Saturday morning chore ritual as his songs echo from the radio, you might think the day of ever seeing him sing in a piano bar are long over.  The days when he would play the piano into the wee hours of the night for “bread in his jar” to help support his mother and make all the ends meet. The days where you could sit around the piano with him and help throw out requests and he would play them, that those days were history.  Yet somehow, THE “Piano Man,” invited 18,200 of his closest friends to sit around the piano and sing with him, and get this, he does this once a month.

This Piano Man has captured the heart of NY in one little show at Madison Square Garden once a month until the people stop coming.  Sure there are lights, jumbotrons, technicians, cameras, the glow of every cell phone in the house, but ultimately there is this ONE man sitting behind his piano shouting out songs to the crowd for us to chose from. We strolled with him down memory lane as he would explain these songs are from “The Stranger” album, these songs were recorded in 1972, and “I never thought I would look like my father, I never wanted to look like my father and there he is,” as he points to the jumbotron far above, “Hi Dad!”  In these brief moments we are let into the man, the man behind the piano, this aging human man behind the piano, that still relates to the world like you or I.  We see the man, the “Piano Man,” that has kept Billy Joel on the radio and in the hearts of Americans, since his first note hit the airwaves.

This Piano Man, will be playing The Worlds Largest Piano Bar for years to come.  He keeps it fresh for those who see him often and for those that only get to see him once in a lifetime this is the place and time to see him.  You will leave with a song in your heart and a head full of memories.  Even if you are sick of hearing THAT song, you will never top hearing 18,200 fans sing “Piano Man” at one time, it is the ultimate piano bar experience and an overwhelming thank you to the man who captured THAT feeling, years ago, sitting around his piano.


photo-5 photo-6-2

SLB in ATL Rocking Your Block!

Sweet Little Bloodhound toured down to Atlanta to be a part of the WomenInCharg3 Awards Show as we were nominated for “Album of The Year.”  We had a great time and met some really fun people during the weekend we managed to meet the neighbors, play in the streets, witness a bar brawl (not us), rehearse by the pool and befriend a new fantastic band The Encore Band.  We had a great time and here are the pictures to prove it.  If you know of an event that we can add our own flavah too, let us know and we will “Rock Your Block.”

Stand by for the relaunch of the SLB IndieTrailer podcast where we will take you on tour with us, late September.

See you soon, lots more dates coming, so stand by as we update our calendar and get ready for a new rocking season.  Book your holiday party now!

August Festivals

Sweet Little Bloodhound was excited to hit the road in August and visit with the local communities of Shelburne Falls and Heath, MA.  We experienced our first Tractor and Truck Pull, we ate Maple Cream Fried Dough, and we sang to the spirits by the Potholes raging falls.  It has been a picturesque season to say the least.  Here are a few pics of us on the road.  We are sure looking forward to our trip to Atlanta for the WomenInCharg3 Radio trip in September.  We are nominated for “Album of The Year” and will be playing for the communities of Decatur – Atlanta at a block party and we will be whooping it up at a BBQ at Smoke Belly, so come by and say hi and dance a jig with us.  Keep up with our antics on Social media at Devlin Miles of Sweet Little Bloodhound on Facebook and @SLBloodhound on Instagram and Twitter.